Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday's and Baptisms!

What a busy weekend for the Burns Brood! Hayley celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday and Sydney turns 4 on Monday! We had a combined party(wonder how long we can get away with that one!?) at a local park that has a interactive water fountain and playground. The weather held out and we had a great time! Can't believe my baby girls are getting so big!
Then 4 out of the 6 members of the Burns brood were baptized today! Bobby, Cody, Payton and Hayley all got baptized at church and I'm just estatic! It was such a great celebration! The band was playing, we had good food and of course the fellowship was just awesome! It was very emotional for me to see so many members of my family to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts! The kids were baptized by Rochelle, our family pastor! Love her! Then Bobby was baptized by our Pastor Bryson. Bryson was so pumped and I'm pretty sure he said "awesome" about 80 times! My cousin Jeremy also suprised us with getting baptized! He didn't tell anyone and he was the last one on the list! His son Noah also was baptized! What a great day! Church rocked this morning, had a nice and lazy sunday afternoon and then top it off with the baptism bash! I just feel so blessed right now! Enjoy some pics!


Athack77 said...

What a wonderful day for your family. Your family obviously has been watching your example for a long time and decided to follow your commitment to Jesus Christ and make their own as well. It's days like that, that make having a family truly heaven on earth. It's humbling to be so blessed! Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

Hey Erica! Your blog is soooo cute! :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog-- it was great to "meet" you! :)