Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day of firsts and Murphy's law

So this morning I sent Cody off on his first day of Middle school. Yep, my Code-man is a 6th grader at Coleman! It just doesn't seem possible that my first born is old enough for this or that I'm old enough for this! Before you know it we will be taking him to get his license! Ok, that just made the hair on my arms just stand at attention! I, of course was more nervous then he was! You know what he was most worried about??? That he would be the only one whose parent came with him today! We have had to tell him numerous times that it was ok for parents to come today. He still wasn't convinced but he conceded when we assured him that Bobby would behave and wouldn't embarrass him! Ha, good luck with that one kid, try being married to him!

On another note, I got back from Table Rock on Sunday and I'm thinking I should have just stayed home! Murphy's Law was definitely in effect last week! Now, don't get me wrong, I had a great time! I loved hanging out with my girls, I loved being on the lake even though it rained practically the whole time. The one day it was sunny has now caused me more pain then I have experienced in a long time. I'm so burnt and my lips are double in size with blisters the size of Rhode Island! Hence the reason Bobby is taking Cody to school and not me! I applied sunscreen and lip sun screen, just not enough! Plus I did a face plant in the boat and I'm pretty sure I broke my nose! This is just some of the reasons I should have just stayed home! Oh well, I've learned my lesson!

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Melissa said...

Have you guys moved since I was last at your place? Coleman's on the east side correct? Or have I really been that gone from Wichita that I am just lost? Sorry to hear you are burnt, hopefully the pain passes quickly.