Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Favorite day for mom's everywhere!

That's right, the first day of school! The kids were so nervous yet excited! We found out last night who their teachers were. We visted their new classrooms and meet their teachers. I have to say that I'm actually happy for the first time with all my kid's teachers. I really think this is going to be a good year! Then it was back home to make sure all our supplies were labeled and lunches were packed. Then showers were took and then it was bedtime! Yeah, 9 pm was their scheduled bedtime but I think the boys were up till 1 am because they couldn't sleep, uggh!! They'll be a load of fun when they get home! This morning went off without a hitch. I walked them all to their respective classrooms and only got a hug from Hayley because the boys are too cool for that now! The only thing that made me sad about today is this will be the last year all 3 of the older kids will be in the same school until high school!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Goofing around

So with my new adobe photoshop I can digitally scrapbook!
How cool is that! I don't have to spread all my scrap stuff all over the dining room table. These two are my first attempts and I think they are ok. They seem to be a little to simple for my taste. I like my pages to have multiple elements, depth and texture. Plus I like to journal on my pages so I think that is why they look simple to me. I guess I'll just
have to keep practicing!

So I'm just goofing around, not really doing what I should be doing like cleaning and laundry. It's so hot and even with the ac on it still gets so hot in this house that you don't feel like moving! I think the heat index is like 108 degrees right now! Yuck! Well I at least need to get the kids packed up to go to grandmas so I can go to work tonight, fun, right? Try and stay cool ya'll!

Monday, August 6, 2007

More, please! Botchfest 2007

It's that time of year again where all the woman from the Myers side get together for our little gathering at Table Rock that we endearingly nicknamed 'Botchfest!' The picture to the left was taken by our overwhelmed but awesome waitress at the Big M Marina eatery called Dock n' Eat. We went to this little floating restaurant after a day of floating, diving, ok jumping off cliffs and enjoying an occasional libation! We were actually forced to go a little earlier than planned by a late afternoon rainstorm but that was ok. Some of us needed to get our land legs back even if on a floating dock plus it got really busy once we were done eating. It also gave us a chance to all be together in one place since we were pretty divided by the two houses and two boats we occupied. We also got to wear our snazzy t-shirts I designed and ordered to commemorate our botchfest 2007! All I have to say is this place has the best food after you've been on the lake all day drinking(occasionally, of course!)

This has become something I look forward too every summer. It reminds me of the days as a young girl at summer camp! Shenanigans, floating in the water without a care in the world and great company and food! It's a chance for aunts and cousins to come together as sisters. Most of us are grandmothers and mothers and we come together to bond and bitch over our common threads. To have the occasional prank pulled, to make us laugh, to relax, and to remind us that we need to make time for ourselves so we can be even better wives, girlfriends, moms, grandmas, sisters, and daughters to our families. A big botch thank you goes out to Susie an Debbie for opening their beautiful homes to us this year and every year! Without them this weekend would never happen. So to all my lady navy seals(you know who you are!) and to all my other botches, thanks for the memories! Can't wait till next year!

Later botches!