Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Me and My Boyzz!

Well the first picture really has nothing to do with this post but I couldn't resist!

Ok, now back to the original post about our night out with the boys! Not very often do Bobby and I have a chance to just hang out with Cody and Payton without the girls. But tonight the girls are with g-ma and that gave us a chance to hang with them and have a little fun! We started off at the downtown skateboard park and let the boys rip it up for awhile on the ramps and bowls. Didn't get any pics because I was just too busy trying to keep an eye on the boys because the park was so crowded. Next we headed to one of Bobby's and mine favorite mexican restaurant, Reubens. Yummy! So after we filled our tummies we headed over to the river to see the Keeper of The Plains statue with its new and improved set up. It's really nice and they have two cool bridges that lead to the statue from either side. As you can see by the pics below I was in an artsy mood and couldn't stop taking really cool pics of the bridge. After that as if our bellies weren't full enough we headed over to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream! OMG, I love this place and I believe Bobby is smitten with this place now. Then we headed over to Borders to check out some new books and then to Wally World for some neccessities! All in all it was a great night and I think the boys appreciated it and loved having some mom and dad time with out the lil' sis' running around!

Wichita's skyline

Keeper of The Plains

Bobby, Cody and Payton's interpretation of the Keeper of the Plains!

We put the fun in dysfunctional!

Cody and I fighting over who gets the reeses peanut butter cup in my ice cream!

Friday, September 21, 2007

A pissed dog and shreddin' it up!

If you think my dog looks p.o.'d, it's because she is! I put this cute doggie shirt on her that I bought at Old Navy for .97! If you know me at all you know I can't pass deals like that up! Plus it's too cute! Well she didn't think so! Sophie moped and layed around the whole time she had it on. This is from a dog who I'm convinced is ADD and can't sit still for 2 seconds unless she is just worn the heck out! Hmmmmm......maybe I'm on to something?

Before I get britney spears inspired emails about my parenting skills regarding the following pictures let me declare that I KNOW! I realize he doesn't have a helmet on and yes he is on a very large, concussion causin' steel ramp. I was not there and Bobby and I have had a talk and Payton will be getting his noggin-savin' helmet soon! That being said, I can't believe this kid! I know I'm biased since I am his momma but he just blows my mind sometimes! This kid is all about skateboarding at 9 years old and will spend endless hours in our driveway untill he has a trick down pat! In fact yesterday a neighborhood kid who is at least 14 came over and asked Payton to show him how to do a kick flip?! I have no idea what a kick flip is but apparently it's tough to master. Anyways, these pics are from the Park City skateboard park.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Crack Spider

So Bobby was on the porch the other night and ran in to tell me to come see something. It was a huge spider web with a huge, disgusting, yucky spider. I had never seen one so big and gross! Here is the picture of ours!

Bobby then found this video on YouTube last night! This is the same kind of spider on our porch! It's freaking hillarious! I personally think ours is the crack spider! Gotta love YouTube!

Friday, September 14, 2007

These are for you mom!

Just some more random pics! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I finally got my new camera

So Sydney, Sophie and I had a mini photo shoot today to try it out! I absolutely love it! Plus I played with the photos in photoshop. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things....

Colbie Caillat! I've been listening to her on my ipod and I'm loving her! If you like acoustic folksy with a touch here and there of pop then she is it! Her voice is so smooth and soothing. Check her out!

What else am I loving.....let's see, this time of year! I love that sweatshirt weather is just around the corner. I love everything about fall, the smells, colors, and halloween! I can't wait for the little fall festivals all around the surrounding suburbs. Oh yeah and for Bobby's sake, football! Don't get me wrong I like football, like is the key word! You see, I LOVE baseball and for some reason Bobby thinks I should LOVE football too! It's not that I don't like football but for some reason I just don't love it like I love baseball. Oh well, he should just be happy he has a wife who doesn't mind his obsession with sports, in fact I'm probably an enabler!

High School Musical 1 and 2. Yeah, that's right, I said it. I love it! Why you ask? Because it reminds me of Grease when I was little except HSM doesn't have the references to teen pregnancy and smoking! lol! It's not so much the movies but the music. We have both cd's in the car right now and I find myself listening to them even when the kids aren't in the car. I know it's cheesey but in a world where my kids are being bombarded every which way with violence and sexuality it's nice to have something like HSM!

I have pics from the Hayley and Sydney's birthday party a couple of weeks ago and when Hayley and I went and saw High School musical on stage that I need to post. We've been so busy with school, work and everyone taking their collective turn at being sick that I just haven't got to it. I promise those pics will be my next post!