Friday, November 9, 2007

Hey Good Lookin', Whatcha Got Cookin'?

With winter basically here that means my cooking gene has finally awoken from it's long hibernation. I love to cook, I really do, well except for in the summer. I can't stand to heat my kitchen up in the summer and with us usually being extra busy during this time of year my desire to cook usually diminishes. Now don't get me wrong, we don't dine out all that much, we usually end up either grilling outside or having something that doesn't require firing up the oven or stove. But winter is here and I have pulled all my trusty winter recipes out and have been busily exploring many recipe sites or cooking blogs for inspiration!

One way I've gotten in the mood is by participation in a digital recipe exchange. This is really a good way to get alot of different recipes in a cool format. I follow the blog of Sherelle Christensen. She is a fellow mother of four and a out of this world artist. She scrapbooks digitally and traditionally as well as sews and other forms of craftiness. She is a featured artist for many different craft companies. Anyways, she asked for her blog readers to participate in the digi recipe exchange. She took the first 35 emailers and had us all submit two of our fave recipes to her in a digital scrapbook layout. We did it this way so if we wanted to print these out in a book like through snapfish or kodak it would look really nice. I ended up with over 70 different recipes all in scrapbook form. There are some desserts that just look deliciously sinful! All the different ladies did wonderful and I can't wait to try some of the recipes. Here is one of my recipes I submitted. My kids love this and it is so dang easy. Hayley and Sydney usually help me make this one.

Here is one of Sherelle's recipe's that she shared that I'm trying today. It looks so yummy!