Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

God's Grace

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16

Though the last few days have been nothing short of chaotic this family has been blessed. If you hadn't heard the burns brood had quite a scare last week. Payton ended up in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in the early hours of last Thursday after receiving a very severe concussion. He was riding his sister's scooter and fell off and hit his head on the pavement. His long flowing golden locks didn't prevent a blow so severe that it caused what the doctors are now saying was a very small, minute bleed. Payton became very irritable, nauseous, lethargic and just plain goofy (more than usual, I might add!) He just didn't make sense so off we whisked him to the ER on Wednesday night. Bobby took him so I could wait for Bobby's mom to come over and stay with the other kids. Before I could get there he was throwing up, the trauma team was consulted, a ct scan was performed and the ER Dr. put him in a neck brace. All very scary even for me who is in the medical field. We were terrified and beside ourselves when the trauma Dr. wanted him in the PICU. We knew it was for the best but it didn't make it any better. We had to put all our faith in God and trust he was in the best hands possible!

Well fast forward to now and Payton is outside shooting baskets by himself on his new basketball goal. Praise the Lord! He was released from the hospital on Fri. morning. Trauma and Neuro released him since his symptoms had resolved but with the understanding no contact sports, skateboarding or any rough housing for 6 weeks. He will follow up in 6 weeks with the neurosurgeon and have a repeat ct scan to see if that small bleed has resolved.

This might possibly be the longest 6 weeks ever! This kid is the most active kid I ever met. He is constantly in motion, always playing, doing something. He just doesn't understand. We have already have had to sit him down more than once and remind him to slow down in the three short days we've been home. How do you tell a 10 yr. old whose life revolves around movement that if he continues to play contact sports, skateboards or does anything that puts him at risk of a head injury that he might not be so lucky next time? He doesn't realize his brain is so much more susceptible to greater injury in the first 6-10 weeks after the initial injury. I guess we will try are hardest to distract him with other activities such as video games, reading, watching movies, etc...or maybe I'll just wrap him in bubble wrap and make him wear a helmet during his awake hours. Think he'll go for that? It breaks my heart to see him like this but I'm just glad he is here with us, it could have been so much worse!
I want to thank all of those that prayed, visited or called during this hard time on our family. We were overwhelmed with the amount of love and concern from our family and friends. We thank God everyday for all the blessings he has bestowed upon our family!
God Bless you all!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

And then there were two....

I had to work last night while the big game was on and I wasn't to happy about it! That was untill every time I peaked my head into a patients room that had the game on that I would see the score! My gosh what a game! KU came with their "A" game and got the job done. Not before giving every KU fan a heart attack when North Carolina cut the lead considerably! But the boys in crimson and blue got it done and now for the final game! It will be tough though! Memphis is a run and gun team and know how to wear the other team down. But then again everyone thought KU wouldn't beat UNC so at this point I believe anything can happen! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, GO KU!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cold weather sucks

This is for two people who will remain nameless who have complained that it's been awhile since I've last blogged! So Amy, Val, this is for you! HA!

So it has been awhile but for very good reasons, one of them being lack of motivation! If it isn't there it ain't happening! Not that I didn't have anything to blog about, I've had plenty to blog about! Let's see, Keith Urban concert, Easter, my almost certainty that winter is going to last FOREVER, the newest blogs I've found that I read daily, my adventure of starting to slowly remodel the front room, dining room and our kitchen! You see, plenty of material but just lack of the urge to type it all out. I'm convinced it has to do with that before mentioned blog material of winter lasting forever! Call it what you want, lack of Vitamin D, seasonal depression, whatever but this butt is content to sit and not do a darn thing and it definitely shows! But to appease the massess I have decided to update at least weekly, just don't hold me to it!

So this last weekend was a doozey! We packed up the Burns Brood and headed up to Lawrence KS! My cousin Andy is leaving for Kuwait/Iraq soon and they were having a going away party for him. I'm personally not one to miss a party(if I can help it) that the Frye family throws so off we went! The kids were excited to see Andy, but mostly to go swimming at the hotel! You would think we never take them anywhere they way the act when they know we are staying at a hotel with a pool! Geesh! Anyways, I think they had a good time and so did Bobby, ok maybe not, he willingly stayed at the hotel with our kids plus Caden and took them all swimming so the rest of us could attend the party at the Jet Lag. We owe Bobby big time! What a guy!

The next day everyone was moving a bit slow! I really don't need to post those details, mainly to protect the drunk! But Angela, I'm pulling out the Big sister card! Hehe! So we said our goodbyes and apologies(I hope it rained for ya Val!) and headed up to KC for a afternoon of shopping!

Like I mentioned before we are remodeling and we need some new furniture! So the fools that we are headed up to the Legends Mall in KC. It has a Nebraska Furniture Mart and that was our destination! We have been to that mall plenty of times but have never ventured into the Furniture mart, mainly in fear of never finding our way out! It was a Sunday afternoon and that place was packed! So we decided, much to the kids exctiement, to stay the night in KC and try going to NFM in the morning. Plus we were dog tired, KU was playing in a few hours and the thought of not having to drive back to Wichita that night was sounding better and better! So we found a hotel(with a pool!) ordered take out and snuggled into our room and watched some hoops! Talk about a nail biter! After the exciting game we headed down to the pool. We had it all to ourselves and let the kids wear themselves out! Kids always sleep so much better after swimmimg!
The next day we headed out to NFM! No matter what people tell you, it cannot prepare you properly for the size of this place! I always thought bass pro or cabella's was big! You could fit at least three of those into this place! It was almost impossible to focus! I feel sorry for those who have ADD and walk into NFM! Anyways, I must have been able to focus for a brief second because we left with our wallet a little lighter. Our furniture will be arriving in exactly one month! That gives me enough time to paint, pull carpet and redo floors! I hope!

Here are some pics from this weekend!

Andy and the kids

Tim, Andy, Bobby, TJ and Tony

Andy and Jenny with the cake she made him

Me, Jenny, Kami and Angela

Mallory and Geoff

Amy and I

Jeremy, Andy and Kami

Andy and I

The cousins showing Rick how to do the "SHOCKER!"

Syd and Hayley

Cody and Payton

Relaxing in the hot tub