Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where have I been?

Geez, I'm a bad blogger! But thats ok you haven't really missed much, except maybe, well, oh yeah, after ten years with the Sedgwick County Sheriffs department, Bobby has resigned. Yep, quit, left his job, went on to greener pastures, etc. Now don't get me wrong, it was, is and will remain a bit scarey for us but for all intensive purposes, it was needed! It was a decision we didn't take lightly but we both know it is for the best! Or at least we keep telling ourselves that! Just kidding! He knew this decision was inevitable.

He was unhappy and it wasn't going to get any better no matter how much he tried. Thats what happens when you work for a government entity with elected officials. No matter how hard the little man tries and tries to be heard if they don't want to listen then they don't and really don't have to. That is why voting is so important (stepping onto my soapbox for a brief second!) We thought when we voted in our last Sheriff things would get better, ha! Things were said, promised, etc... in actuality things were taken away! Their response, "Because this is how we have always done it!" Yep, that simple! So I encourage everyone to be aware of the issues and vote!

But to tell you the truth, it has been a blessing. This decision has made Bobby face the issue of what makes him happy and what does God want him to do with his life? Anybody that knows Bobby knows that his two passions are his children and sports (I'm sure I'm in there somewhere !) He has always, since the day we started dating talked about teaching. Being a teacher/coach is something he has dreamed about for a long time. But as we started our life together it was clear this dream had to be put on the back burner. The need to provide for his family outweighed his dream of finishing college. Well when opportunity knocks, you have to answer! That is what we have done and starting this summer he will be on the road to finishing his degree! I find it only fair since he supported me through nurisng school that I support him with his dream! So in the meantime he will start a remodel of our kitchen and get a taste of what I did for 8 years, being a stay at home dad! Just call him Mr. Mom!

Oh and by the way, he can no longer get anybody out of jail or fix a ticket! So don't call! lol!

Friday, February 8, 2008

"I feel like a sewer just came out of my mouth!"

I know, gross, but those were Paytons exact words the other night after he got through getting sick! We got lucky this go around of the lastest virus. Payton and I were the only ones sick leaving everyone else spared! Not bad for a family of six!

To more interesting and not so gross news! You may or may not have seen this on TV last Sun. night but our little miss Syd was on TV! Ok, so was half of my arm but she was a little bit easier to recognize! We were at the Warren Theater for the Hannah Montana concert movie and KAKE 10 was there interviewing all the hyper and HM obssessed girls! Mine included! It was ok, not usually my cup of tea but the girls enjoyed it and that's what matters!

Let's see, what else is going on, oh yeah, we love our church! What a home we have found with Gracepoint! Bobby and I both agree this is where our family fits in and I can't wait to get more involved. Here is a link if your interested in seeing what it's all about! For those who live in the area, yes, this is the church who use the slogan, "Church Doesn't Suck!"

Bobby and I had a productive day today. We got our DL's renewed, went and found me a new watch for work and went to a rally for John McCain at the airport where he made an appearance. I have to admit, McCain wasn't Bobby and I's first choice but it's clearly becoming evident that he will obtain the Republican nomination come summer. With the KS Caucus tommorow I'm sure he'll pick up KS quite easily.

That's it for now, sorry so long in between posts but this week has been quite eventful and some big changes have been happening around here! When the time is right I will share, untill then I just ask you keep our family in your prayers!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Reba and Kelly! A fun girls night out!

All I gotta say is if this concert comes anywhere near your neck of the woods you must GO! It was unbelievable! I had a blast with Kristie, Steph and Stacy. We had decent seats and made it fairly on time despite the cold, ice and horrible traffic. For all those who actually have seen the Reba show, Melissa Peterson plays Barbara Jean, Reba's ex-husbands new wife. Well she is a comedian and opens the show for them. She was a riot and had the whole place roaring with laughter!
Reba and Kelly both stayed on stage the entire time which I was pleasantly suprised! They would sing together or one would be lead and the other would be back up. They played all the ones I wanted to hear especially "Fancy!" I had goosebumps more than once!
Ok, enough already! You just have to go see it! And for the record, in regards to my last post, Payton will have a couple weeks to get it together or off with his head...I mean hair!