Sunday, June 22, 2008

Speak up boy...a lesson learned!

For those of you who read my blog regularly know that Payton's hair has been a point of contention for some time now. Last week it finally came to a head (hehe, no pun intended!) last week! His hair has gotten so long that is was always covering his pretty blue eyes. Well Bobby finally got sick of it. He took the boys to walmart after Jr. golf last week. Bobby told the lady that he didn't care what she did except he wanted the hair out of his eyes. Well that was a pretty general instruction. What she did was just horrid and Bobby knew it! But he asked Payton what he thought and Payton said he liked it. Bobby knew he didn't but he wanted Payton to be the one to speak up, it was his hair after all. I guess he was trying to teach Payton a lesson. Before they left the store Bobby gave Payton one last chance to speak up and Payton again said it was fine. As soon as they got into the car Payton finally spoke up. By then Bobby told him it was too late and that he should have said something in the store. Bobby also wanted me to see this horrid hair cut! His sick, I know! I tried my best to keep a straight face, really I did. It was bad! It was a bowl cut and mullet in one! He tried everything to make it look better. Payton wet it, moussed it, gelled it but nothing made it look better! Finally, Bobby broke down, not before a few pilgrim jokes, and finally admitted to Payton it was not a good cut and he took him to get it cut once again! The following are the progression of pics from long hair, hippy boy to pilgrim to the cutie pie, blue-eyed boy we love! The bad cut pics are actual self portraits by Payton in the car on the way home. Faux-hawk pic by dad!

Don't get me wrong, I loved his long hair, just not in his eyes!

I can't believe Bobby paid money for this!

I love this pic! His eyes are so blue!

He looks like his dad in this pic! What a handsome boy!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Fathers Day Bobby!

I had a little time on my hands today, ok alot of time so I put this together for one of the best dads I know! I love you honey and I hope you enjoy this!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Strep sucks!

Here I am on a Fri. night sick, alone and just feeling pretty pathetic! I found out today I have strep throat! Good thing it's strep because yesterday I could have sworn it was the bubonic plague! I literally thought I was dying! Ok, so I've been accused of being sorta dramatic(thanks mom!) but I really felt like the grim reaper was knocking on my door! Strep sucks!
So Bobby and the kids are in Springfield, MO celebrating our nephews 13th birthday and my mom and dad are in KC celebrating my aunts 60th birthday, so who is here to take care of my pathetic, sick self? No one! Now don't go feeling sorry for me, I'm doing enough of that myself! I'm actually doing halfway decent on my own or else I wouldn't be on the internet updating you lovely people on my sick existence! As long as I keep myself medicated, heavily medicated I can somewhat function. Tyelnol and Ibuprofen are my friends, they make water not feel like razor blades going down my throat! Thats always a good thing! Ok, goodnight!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We've been cleared!

Hooray! Payton has been cleared officially by the neurosurgeon! We went and had a CT scan and then followed up with Dr. Grundmeyer at his office. He says Payton has a residual bruise that showed up on the CT scan but no blood! Payton is now free to resume his ordinary boy stuff such as skateboarding(his fave!) and basketball! While the 6 weeks wasn't as long or as bad as I thought it would be I'm just glad he is fine. He had a smile so big when we left the office! Thanks for all the continuing prayers and concerns for Payton. Once again, God is a good God!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Green is cool

Going green is the new craze and while I'm not totally opposed to it I'm somewhat weary. I see what is doing to manufacturers and consumers. They throw a "green" label on their product and all of a sudden it's more desirable. Yet the packaging hasn't changed and the chemicals are nearly the same. It just seems a little wrong to me. Anyways, like I said I'm not totally opposed to it. To honor our familys new years resolution we have done little things around here to do our part. Bobby and the kids have started to collect cans to recycle. The kids have decided to use the money earned to honor their commitment to the unleash campaign at church. Not only are they doing the enviroment a favor they are following up on a promise to honor God. Pretty cool if ya ask me!
Another thing that we are doing really just kind of happened. Our clothes dryer died on us about a week ago. Instead of running out and getting a new one we have opted to line dry, for now that is. I want to see how much it affects our electricity bill next month. If I see a big difference then I may be a changed woman. Some people might not think it will make a huge dent but we tend to do at least one or two loads a day. We have six people in our house and laundry tends to pile up if not attacked every day or at the least every other day. So I'm off to find laundry line and racks since every door way in our house has clothes hanging from them. Maybe this fall we will get the current one fixed if it's fixable or buy a new one but for now we will continue with our little house on the prarie, pioneer ways!