Friday, September 5, 2008

Anarchy, Schmanarchy!

Instead of writing a long drawn out political post I'm just going to post snippets in the next couple of days of what is really getting me worked up about the current presidential race. Don't worry, I vote, so it's okay for me to gripe! If you don't vote, I don't want to hear it and you should be ashamed of yourself and forced to wear a big scarlet letter on your clothes! Ok, that might be a little harsh but I just really have a fire burning in my belly right now about the crap that is currently going on! I know some won't agree with me and that is ok, that is what makes America great! So here it goes!

I'm not against protesting, believe me, I have actually protested a time or two but to those who are violently protesting at the RNC, give me a break!
Do you really think your furthering your cause by breaking windows, jumping on cop cars and pushing crap over? I'm sure your mom's are proud! This is why weekly spraying of prozac in neighborhoods should be legal!

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Athack77 said...

I wonder if the protestors actually know what the issues our country's facing are? Being violent is such an easy way out. Real change is a much longer process with no instant gratification!