Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In our thoughts and prayers

Not much to share right now, actually things are pretty somber around here. I just ask that you keep my friend from Heights, Jamai, in your prayers. She just lost her husband last weekend in a car accident. Cortez was a great basketball player and Bobby had the priviledge of playing with him many a time. Jamai and Cortez have 3 kids together plus the 3 that Cortez brought to the marriage. My heart just breaks for her and her kids. The thought of losing the love of my life just makes my stomach turn and I cannot even fathom it! I know God has a master plan but it is weeks like this its hard to seem them through the storm. I know Jamai's faith is strong and in that I take comfort.

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Athack77 said...

Is Jamai's maiden name Montegomery? I'm sorry to hear about the accident. things will be very difficult for a while. If you have any news about an obituary or anything, please let me know where flowers can be sent. Thanks.