Thursday, January 3, 2008

See ya 2007!

Can't believe we have left behind another year! So much has changed for our family this last year! Mainly for me with starting my career as a nurse. It's probably been one of the hardest years for me mentally and physically. Just trying to adjust to a full time job in addition to the kids and housework. Also trying to adjust to my 7pm to 7am work schedule has been challenging. My body has decided to rebel against me and what perfect timing with it being my 30th year of life and all! My esophagus decided to close up on me just in time to ruin my 30th birthday party. From what I heard my party was a blast! Once we got that taken care of my gallbladder has decided to grow a couple of polyps and wreak havoc! Nothing brings on pain or nausea faster than a pissed off gallbladder! But alas, I'm having it taken out this coming Monday! Wooohoo! Bring on the anesthesia, I'm in need of a good nap!

The kids have probably had just as much of a challenging year as mom has. Just dealing with me has been rough. They have been use to me being a stay at home mom for so long that it has been a bit of an adjustment to all involved. Cody is in his last year of elementary school and is facing the challenges all kids his age face. But on top of that the news from his cardiologist that his activity is restricted due to the widening of his aorta right above his valve. This along with his ASD and VSD. What did that mean to Cody, no football. This is the one sport he yearned to play this year. He was upset for awhile but has since moved on. He loves his movies and books and just took up journaling. This kid is so loving and funny that I hope 2008 is better for him!

Payton, oh Payton. What can I say about this kiddo! He is such strong and lively spirit! One minute he is the most loving and caring kid and the next he is bouncing off the walls and letting his mouth move faster than his brain! He is so ready to be a grown up. We tell him it's really not all its cracked up to be but to no avail though! He is busy with sports. Gotta keep him active to keep him outta trouble! We are either at basketball or indoor soccer these days. And from what I've been told Payton is adding football to his repoitoire. Ha! I can't wait to see how we are going to manage that! But seriously, he is a good kid with a good heart. He keeps me on my toes with his constant wonderment about life. I've got to say I've had some good conversations with this kid.

2007 was a good year for Hayley! She started softball at TRYC this last summer. The same place mommy played for so many years ago! That was fun and she loved it! Ironically her coach played for the Bombers which was my softball teams nemesis for many years! Hayley also continued her love of High School Musical by catching the stage version of it at our local theater. What a blast that was! She enjoys music so much that she hopes to have a guitar of her own soon and to begin lessons.

Sydney the princess of the burnsbrood is continuing her reign as strong as ever. Especially now that her royal heiness recieved a set of wheels for Christmas. Santa brought the princess a Disney Princess Powerwheel Car! How sickingly appropriate! She wasn't too sure about it at first but the idea grew on her once she realized that she didn't have to actually drive herself but her sister would indeed drive her. I mean really, what princess should have to drive herself, geesh!? The princess has also learned how to master the royal potty this year. Just in time to start preschool! She goes twice a week and has made friends. But she is quick to report when these friends don't share or are mean. The drama that is preschool!

Bobby, well, is still Bobby! The pillar of strength, comic relief and co-captain to this team we call the burnsbrood! What a rock he has been to what has been a crazy year! He is still with the Sheriffs Dept. and will be celebrating(not sure if that is the appropriate word if you ask him!) his 10 year anniversary there. Speaking of anniversarys we had our 10th this last year also! We celebrated it early by going to opening day of major league baseball in KC. Royals vs. Red Sox! What a blast! I think I got some major brownie points for that one! He continues his love of sports and if he's not watching sportscenter, he's watching Glen Beck or something on the History channels! Our current quest together is picking a presidential canidate together! So far so good, no major debates as of yet!

So there you have it, 2007 in a nutshell for our family, if you've actually made it this far! So everyone makes resolutions for the new year. I for one don't like to but rather I would like to make modifications! Here are some of the modifications I want to try and implement in 2008!

1. Go Green! This family really needs to get on the ball and try and reduce our waste! I've alredy started by buying those energy saving light bulbs! Hey, one step at a time people!

2. Eat better! I know, you didn't see that one coming did ya! Our whole family needs to start eating better! Which means less going out and eating at home more.

3. Get to moving more! I know, another big suprise! I really want to get back to yoga! I love it and feel so good when I'm done! Also, Payton and I have a goal this year but I'm not ready to share what it is just yet! Details coming soon!

4. Patience. Simple as that people. Patience all around!

Hope everyones Holidays were great! And I wish Health, Peace and Happiness to all in 2008! Enjoy a slideshow of pics from our last couple weeks of 2007!

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Nick + Melissa said...

What a cute slide show. I can't get over how much snow you all had. Good to see the entire family doing so well. Good luck on those modifications, like that idea.