Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Free shrimp and a christmas story!

12 random things I love! Why 12, because its Christmastime and because everyone does a list of 10 and I like being different, thank you very much!

12. Christmas Music! I just love Trans Siberian Orchestra! I have one of their songs as my ringtone and whenever someone calls me I have a overwhelming urge to start dancing! Diiing Doooong, Diiing Dooooong, Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say throw cares away..........

11. Christmas Spirit! I love what it does to people at this time of year! For example, I went through the drive thru to get Bobby and I some Long Johns last night and the lady forgot my shrimp! After I asked about it she ended up just putting it in the bag and when I asked how much I owed she said nothing! Gosh, I just love this time of year and what it does to people! Gotta love free shrimp!

10. Teasing my children with their christmas gifts. Hayley asked me what we got her for Christmas and me being the horrible mother that I am proceeded to name a list of everything Hayley despises: Barbies, dresses, hair bows, etc. Of course she just rolled her eyes at me and walked away.

9. "Fragile..must be Italian!"

8. Maids's called filler, people!

7. Kick ass coupons to bath and body shop! Lotion and candles for everyone this year!

6. The fact that this year we have managed to spread out our Christmas love and don't have to be a 4 different places on Christmas day! Yaaahooo!

5. The pursuit of finding the most annoying toy on earth to give my nephew Caden! Though his mother did give me permission to give him Moonsand this year which I believe ranks right up there with some of the most rancid toys! Have you seen this stuff?

4. Christmas food...I do love it, yes I do! But cheese balls of the world, do not fear for I will be cutting back on my consumption this year. Stupid gallbladder!

3. French Hens....listing 12 was harder than I thought!

2. Did I mention christmas music...I did? Oh well, heres a little christmas music fun for ya!

1. A Partridge in a pear tree!

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love to all,
The Burns Brood

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