Monday, December 17, 2007

Sydney and Santa

Well my attempt to update with pictures from the last month or so have failed. Everytime I go to upload them my computer freezes up. I can only get one pic at a time and I don't have time to upload pics at one at a time. So anywho, I guess I will just carry on.
Yesterday was family day! We started out with lunch at Players to eat and watch some football. Then we headed over to the Warren and caught a movie. Bobby and Cody saw I am Legend while I took Payton and the girls to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. While I would have much rather have seen I am Legend the kids really liked Alvin! Bobby thought I am Legend was ok, Cody really like it. Or as he rates movies, he gave it 4 out of 5 stars. He's such a movie buff!
We then took the kids for ice cream since we were still pretty full from our late lunch. We then headed out to see Christmas lights. At one of the places that displays lights they had Santa. Since I didn't have my camera they took a pic for us for $3. Not bad for what they actually captured even though the quality was poor. Sydney is still at the age where Santa is still some creepy guy in a red suit asking little kids to sit on his lap while us parents plead with our offspring to just get near him to capture a christmas memory on film. What follows is a classic example! I pleaded, begged and bribed with Sydney to just get close. I knew it was probably the last year we could get all 4 with a pic with Santa. After much coaxing this was a close as she got!

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Jen Maass said...

That is fricking hilarious!!! Hey at least you aren't cropped out of the picture like I am with Lexi!!!