Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween fun!

So this week has been a busy one! The girls, along with my sister in law and nephew went to Walters Pumkin patch in Burns, KS. This place is so cool. It's so not your typical pp at all! The had slides that started at the top of a man made hill, then you go through the hill and you come out of the bottom. They had tons of places for the kids to play on, slides, swings, you name it they had it. Paddle boats, pumpkin launchers, pedal cars, trains for the little ones, etc.....oh yeah, they had a pumkin patch or two! We had a blast and took lots of pics but of course this site is acting up still and it takes forever to even get a couple pics downloaded!



Here are some pics from last night. We started at my mom and dad's house and then headed over to out friends, Jason and Christy's house. We've gone trick or treating in their neighborhood for the last three years because the whole place goes all out on decorating and handing out candy. As you can see we have Hayley as a cowgirl, Sydney, the princess herself as Cinderella!Then Payton went as himself, just read the t-shirt and that should explain it all! Cody went as a scary guy but he couldn't wear the mask around Sydney. You'll see why in the pics below! Our friends children, Matt and Eliza, went as batman and batgirl! Too cute!! The night was a bit chilly but not near as bad as last year and the kids were all well behaved for the most part!
Bobby and I did our responsible parent thing when we finally got home and checked the candy! I hate doing it but I really feel that we need to protect the kids from bad candy! I can safely say the candy is free of any poison, razor blades, etc...I just hope the kids don't notice all the Reese's Butter cups gone!

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