Wednesday, October 24, 2007

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of.......

Sing it with me! Ok, you don't have to but that was the theme for last Saturday! My brothers, sister in law and I wandered downtown to the midwest beerfest to partake in the sampling of over 400 beers! OMG! We were like little kids on christmas morning! So before we got too sloshed we headed over to the food vendors and got something on our tummies and then we were off! Here is a before picture, not to say there is really and after picture of TJ and I! Before anyone asks who drove our drunk asses home, I would like to say my lovely sil, Angela was our DD! She did this out of the kindess of her heart and because she was promised that next year she has immunity and will not have to be DD!

TJ and our DD, Angela

This was taken by Angela as she was drooling since she couldn't drink her fave beer, Newcastle! By the way she took that blue sign! lol!

Just a glance from above!

So here is our only real after picture since I refused!
Nice Tim!

Here is Angela's new golf bag she bid on and won at the silent auction! Notice it's a Newcastle bag! No if we can get our husbands to take us golfing!

So Bobby joined us afterwards at TJ and Angela's as well as Jason and Christy for more cocktails and dinner.

Because this is how he rolls!

Jason and his Flying Dog beer!

Minnie and Jason! Really, no caption needed!

We got a bit bored and instead of playing board games like we had planned we decided to get in the halloween spirit and go visit Thearosa's Bridge! I know, it's something we did in high school but we had a blast! I guess the fact that most of us were pretty intoxicated helped!
Christy, Me and Angela

TJ, Jason and Bobby

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