Friday, September 21, 2007

A pissed dog and shreddin' it up!

If you think my dog looks p.o.'d, it's because she is! I put this cute doggie shirt on her that I bought at Old Navy for .97! If you know me at all you know I can't pass deals like that up! Plus it's too cute! Well she didn't think so! Sophie moped and layed around the whole time she had it on. This is from a dog who I'm convinced is ADD and can't sit still for 2 seconds unless she is just worn the heck out! Hmmmmm......maybe I'm on to something?

Before I get britney spears inspired emails about my parenting skills regarding the following pictures let me declare that I KNOW! I realize he doesn't have a helmet on and yes he is on a very large, concussion causin' steel ramp. I was not there and Bobby and I have had a talk and Payton will be getting his noggin-savin' helmet soon! That being said, I can't believe this kid! I know I'm biased since I am his momma but he just blows my mind sometimes! This kid is all about skateboarding at 9 years old and will spend endless hours in our driveway untill he has a trick down pat! In fact yesterday a neighborhood kid who is at least 14 came over and asked Payton to show him how to do a kick flip?! I have no idea what a kick flip is but apparently it's tough to master. Anyways, these pics are from the Park City skateboard park.

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Jen Maass said...

LMAO!!! This is Britney Bitch!