Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Favorite day for mom's everywhere!

That's right, the first day of school! The kids were so nervous yet excited! We found out last night who their teachers were. We visted their new classrooms and meet their teachers. I have to say that I'm actually happy for the first time with all my kid's teachers. I really think this is going to be a good year! Then it was back home to make sure all our supplies were labeled and lunches were packed. Then showers were took and then it was bedtime! Yeah, 9 pm was their scheduled bedtime but I think the boys were up till 1 am because they couldn't sleep, uggh!! They'll be a load of fun when they get home! This morning went off without a hitch. I walked them all to their respective classrooms and only got a hug from Hayley because the boys are too cool for that now! The only thing that made me sad about today is this will be the last year all 3 of the older kids will be in the same school until high school!!!

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