Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Goofing around

So with my new adobe photoshop I can digitally scrapbook!
How cool is that! I don't have to spread all my scrap stuff all over the dining room table. These two are my first attempts and I think they are ok. They seem to be a little to simple for my taste. I like my pages to have multiple elements, depth and texture. Plus I like to journal on my pages so I think that is why they look simple to me. I guess I'll just
have to keep practicing!

So I'm just goofing around, not really doing what I should be doing like cleaning and laundry. It's so hot and even with the ac on it still gets so hot in this house that you don't feel like moving! I think the heat index is like 108 degrees right now! Yuck! Well I at least need to get the kids packed up to go to grandmas so I can go to work tonight, fun, right? Try and stay cool ya'll!

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