Monday, November 3, 2008

What can I say?

This blogging thing is a thorn in my side! I think I have witty, great things to say and as soon as I start typing I lose my train of thought, I have multiple run on sentences and all is lost! I really do adore, fawn over and become jealous of those born with the ability to be smart, witty and elegant in their writing! I think I'm witty when it comes to one on one convo's but when it comes to typing my crazy thoughts in my head, all bets are off! I'm insecure and jealous! I admit it! I secretly want to be a great story teller and blogger, just like Pioneer Woman or Courtney over at C jane enjoy it! Their words just fall onto their computer screens as soft as the snow falling in January! See, how corney is that metaphor? Is that even a metaphor? Is metaphor even spelled right? Maybe I should have paid closer attention in English class!
I had big hopes for this blog! I not only wanted to share photos of my platinum blonde offsprings, I wanted to share the thoughts, opinions, and just crazy dreams of this mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and most importantly, child of God, with those who even cared this blog existed.
I know I have a problem with the overuse of exclamation marks! I just want you to know I'm excited! I know that run on sentences can go on forever and never really have a point and that I should know where to stop but I just keep going and going hoping my point gets across and....wait, dang it, I did it again, another run on.......well you know, you get the point, don't you?!
So to those who still read this...thank you! I know I'm inconsistent, long, a violater of most grammatical laws but I love blogging! I just wish there was another key that expressed my excitement other than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nick + Melissa said...

Hey lady: Don't stress about blogging, it's Your own personal style that makes your blog awesome. I LOVE staying up on your blonde offsprings and you and your family happenings. And I thank you for each and every post, it gives me a little insight into your life and see the amazing this that occuring. For a friend that isn't lucky enough to see but maybe once every other year I love feeling connected to you from afar. Keep it up! And don't worry about the grammer and spelling your not in school anymore, who cares it's real and you! Cheers!

Amy said...

Ok, so where are the pix???

Athack77 said...

You crack me up. I like your style of prose. BTW- I decided I use way to many exclamation points too. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!