Thursday, November 6, 2008

Insert witty title

Thanks to all the nice comments about my last post! It's nice to know people enjoy what you are doing! And Amy, I have pics for this post so back off!! lol!

First let me say, I might not have voted for the now president elect, I do however respect him and recognize the history that was made with his victory. I can only hope that the change he promised will be beneficial for all and bring this country back together. I pray and hope that he prays and asks for God's guidance and that the Lord shall bless him and his family. That's all I've got to say about that!

Now on to more fun stuff! We have a busy last weekend like most, I'm sure! Halloween was a blast! We spent the night with friends and family at TJ and Angela's for trick and treating plus a kids party that followed. Everyone had a good time and if I heard right this party might become a tradition! How fun that would be! Absent from the pics are the boys! They decided we were not cool enough to join and would rather be with their friends! Me, not cool? Whatev!

The Motley Crew. Suprised this pic turned out since it only took ten
adults, one malfunctioned fog machine and 100 lbs of sugar! The princess, diva herself, Eliza! Don't let those big brown eyes
fool you! She makes Bobby cry!

Stealth Ninja Caden

Hayley?! Is that you? Long are the days of
princess' and cowgirls. Sigh...

Give me a S - Y- D - N - E - Y, SYDNEY! I'm so not a cheerleader
and actually cringed a bit when this costume was discovered! Oh well, it was free!


Athack77 said...

Don't you just love Halloween? I can't waite till my kids are a few years older and then we're gonna have a fun, scary neighborhood party! Did you dress up? I made an appearence at Chris' work dressed as Bo-Peep (complete with my crook and hot neon pink ruffles) I think someone took a picture of me, I hope it doesn't get around!

Burns Brood said...

I didn't dress up this year. My brother had a adult party the next night but I ended up having to work. Bobby was going to go as Michale Phelps 20yrs later. We did think at one time as dressing up as a couple and going as Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac! Then we decided against it when we figured we would have to explain the whole night who we were!
Ooo la la! Little Bo Peep huh!? Sounds fun!