Friday, June 13, 2008

Strep sucks!

Here I am on a Fri. night sick, alone and just feeling pretty pathetic! I found out today I have strep throat! Good thing it's strep because yesterday I could have sworn it was the bubonic plague! I literally thought I was dying! Ok, so I've been accused of being sorta dramatic(thanks mom!) but I really felt like the grim reaper was knocking on my door! Strep sucks!
So Bobby and the kids are in Springfield, MO celebrating our nephews 13th birthday and my mom and dad are in KC celebrating my aunts 60th birthday, so who is here to take care of my pathetic, sick self? No one! Now don't go feeling sorry for me, I'm doing enough of that myself! I'm actually doing halfway decent on my own or else I wouldn't be on the internet updating you lovely people on my sick existence! As long as I keep myself medicated, heavily medicated I can somewhat function. Tyelnol and Ibuprofen are my friends, they make water not feel like razor blades going down my throat! Thats always a good thing! Ok, goodnight!

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Athack77 said...

I'm sorry to hear your sick with strep! Since you're a nurse I know you know how to manage your recovery, but you still should have someone there to fuss over you!! Your children are beautiful! The other day I was going through some old pictures and I came across several from our senior year and had a good laugh. When my wrist is better I'll have to scan them and send some to you. Can you believe we're over 30 with big families? Time marches on! Tell Bobbie I said hi and I hope your back to 100% soon!