Thursday, May 8, 2008

My new toy and a deal shared!

Yep, I finally got my blackberry curve! I'm so excited! I'm such a gadget nerd and I have been eyeing and waiting for this for awhile. I convinced Bobby that he needed one too! We got a great deal on them also. I got them at radio shack for get this, 49.95! Yes, a 429.00 phone for 49.95! We had to sign another 2 year contract with att but we have been happy with them the last two years and saw no problem with doing it again! This phone is just too cool and very easy to use!

Oh, by the way, Bobby asked me the other day if I shared my other deal of the century with my blog readers! He is so funny! I bought this basketball goal like three weeks ago and he is still talking about the deal. I was walking out of Dick's Sporting Goods when I walked by this basketball goal that had a sign on it that said 49.99! I walked right back in and asked if the sign had a typo and the cashier said no and I said sold! I didn't even think twice about how I would get this huge goal home plus we have been wanting one since our last one broke during a wind storm! It was the last one and it was the display model so that is why it was marked down so much. But that is not the kicker, it was regularly priced at $499! It is a really, really nice goal too! So sturdy and it has a easy to use handle to adjust the height of the goal. You usually have to use a broom on all the other ones to adjust them. So there, I've shared!

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