Friday, February 8, 2008

"I feel like a sewer just came out of my mouth!"

I know, gross, but those were Paytons exact words the other night after he got through getting sick! We got lucky this go around of the lastest virus. Payton and I were the only ones sick leaving everyone else spared! Not bad for a family of six!

To more interesting and not so gross news! You may or may not have seen this on TV last Sun. night but our little miss Syd was on TV! Ok, so was half of my arm but she was a little bit easier to recognize! We were at the Warren Theater for the Hannah Montana concert movie and KAKE 10 was there interviewing all the hyper and HM obssessed girls! Mine included! It was ok, not usually my cup of tea but the girls enjoyed it and that's what matters!

Let's see, what else is going on, oh yeah, we love our church! What a home we have found with Gracepoint! Bobby and I both agree this is where our family fits in and I can't wait to get more involved. Here is a link if your interested in seeing what it's all about! For those who live in the area, yes, this is the church who use the slogan, "Church Doesn't Suck!"

Bobby and I had a productive day today. We got our DL's renewed, went and found me a new watch for work and went to a rally for John McCain at the airport where he made an appearance. I have to admit, McCain wasn't Bobby and I's first choice but it's clearly becoming evident that he will obtain the Republican nomination come summer. With the KS Caucus tommorow I'm sure he'll pick up KS quite easily.

That's it for now, sorry so long in between posts but this week has been quite eventful and some big changes have been happening around here! When the time is right I will share, untill then I just ask you keep our family in your prayers!

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