Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy, Busy!

We've been pretty busy the last two weekends and then add work in there and that equals no new blog posts!

Saturday, Oct. 11th found Bobby, the boys and I heading up to KC for the Third Day/Switchfoot concert. The girls stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Myers and had a good time! Jars of Clay was the opening act and then the Robert Randolph band was next! Both were great! It was the boys' first concert and boy did we have wonderful seats! Only 9 rows back from front stage! Both boys got to shake hands with the lead singer of Switchfoot which just made their day! Bobby and I both being huge Third Day fans enjoyed their set of new and old songs! The weather behaved and Starlight amphitheater is just beautiful! My camera or batteries suck so I got limited pictures. I only got pictures of Third Day on my blackberry. If anyone has any suggestions on some good camera batteries I would love to hear them! I went through 4 sets of rechargeables in less than 2 hours! Granted 2 sets weren't fully charged but the other two sets were! Anyways, we still had a wonderful time!

This last Saturday we got together with our BFF's the Neice family! We spent the day watching football, carving pumpkins and cooking a yummy dinner! What was supposed to be the adults helping the kids carve the pumpkins turned into the kids leaving us to finish up the carving! It was ok, I actually enjoy carving! I not only got to carve them but I also integrated my political affiliation! I think they turned out great and I'm kind of proud of them! Enjoy!

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